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The Female Anatomy and Orgasm Explained

There are some common misconceptions about the female orgasm, especially with the evolution of the adult entertainment industry on the internet. We try to clarify some of these misconceptions in the next few pages.
The Female Anatomy  

The first element necessary to develop a clear understanding of the female orgasm is to learn the basics of the female sexual anatomy.

We've mapped the pictoral anatomy on the left to one of our models in the movie above.

Pictoral Overview of The Female Sexual Anatomy

The image on the left shows a pictoral overview of the female sexual anatomy
(Click to Enlarge).


Pictorial details of the female sexual anatomy The picture on the left zooms into the details of the female sexual anatomy, which also maps to the anatomy of our model in the movie above (Click to Enlarge).

As you have seen in previous pages, there is an incredible amount of variation from one woman to another in the relative colour and dimensions of the various bits of their sexual anatomy. Little of this appears to have any bearing on female sexual response.

Obviously darker skinned women have darker outer lips and typically have the edges of their inner lips and often the area around their anus more darkly pigmented, but these can sometimes be quite darkly pigmented in otherwise rather fair-skinned women.

The Female Orgasm Explained


The male and female orgasms are very similar subjectively. When women and men are asked to describe the sensations they feel during arousal and orgasm but excluding gender-specific anatomical terms, the descriptions are remarkably similar, and involve feelings of inevitability when the orgasm is imminent. Of course there are anatomical differences and women have the general advantage that most can have (or be educated to have) multiple orgasms.

Some women are capable of imagining themselves all the way to orgasm though no doubt this may involve a lot of muscle tensing and thus cannot really be described as being without physical stimulus. Women also tend to have more orgasms in their sleep than men who usually only do this during teenage years.

Pain thresholds increase during arousal (e.g. during masturbation) and reach their maximum during orgasm. It is likely that cerebral endorphins may be involved. Electroencephalography has shown which regions of the brain and brain stem are involved in orgasm, though most of the mechanisms of the physiological rather than psychological processes are in the spinal cord.

The standard textbook description of female excitation and orgasm goes like this: A prolonged period of arousal, plateau, orgasm proper and resolution. (The same phases can be identified in men.)


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Major studies which are still often quoted are those of Kinsey and of Masters and Johnson who tackled the sensitive topic of female sexuality in what was effectively the dark ages of the post-war 20th century.
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